What is Curbing?

Decorative landscape curbing is a continuous concrete boarder designed to accent your home and yard. It is a very effective barrier against grass, weeds and rock overflow. The concrete edge is durable and won't rot, splinter, or shift. Replace blocks, metal or plastic edge with a beautiful frame around flowerbeds and trees that is mower friendly. We offer different styles and stamps as well as color and sealer to ensure a pleasing match to your homes exterior or adds a modern contrast to your existing color scheme.

The Curbing Edge, LLC works with customers and landscapers throughout Eastern South Dakota and parts of Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa.

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Josh and Jordon Odens are excited to announce that we have taken over ownership of The Curbing Edge,LLC

We are twin brothers who have been business partners for the past 12 years as the owners of J&J Concrete Edging,
LLC  out of Wagner, SD. We always strive to give our customers the highest quality of work. We look forward to serving you as

The Curbing Edge,LLC

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